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Spring is the ideal season for your visit to the Amalfi Coast. The mild weather and the nature coming to life with colors of bougainvillea and lemon trees, will render your trip particularly pleasurable. Surely you will find the sunsets spellbinding. It’s also the ideal season to visit Pompei, Ercolano and Paestum and also to take a hike in the “sentiero degli Dei.” On sunny days, the courageous could go swimming in the sea, whose colours are more variegated in the Spring than in any other season.


Without any doubt, summer is the best season to visit the Amalfi Coast. All the shops and restaurants will be open and you can enjoy long days on the beach and take advantage of the good weather and go boating to Capri, Li Galli, and numerous restaurants along the coast. It’ll be possible to go on excursions to Pompei, Ercolano and Paestum. You can also visit Naples. When it’s not too hot, and you can also explore the woods and nature in the “sentiero degli Dei.”


The colors of Autumn will make your stay wonderful. The woods overlooking the Amalfi Coast will turn different shades of red and it will be a marvel to behold them. At the same time, the milder climate will let you take advantage of the beach and the activities that are characteristic of the place. Until the very end of October you will have everything working, the restaurants, shops and tours.


Though it may sound strange, the Amalfi Coast is fascinating even during the winter. The colors of the dawn can be particularly striking on a clear sunny day. The local people are so warm-hearted that you will remember your holiday long after your visit. You can use the Villa as a base to take up guided tours and also wine and dine yourself at local restaurants for a taste of the real Amalfi Coast. The Neapolitan cuisine is one of the best in the world. Well-lit fireplaces, pizza, limoncello and local desserts, will all conspire to bring you total tranquility. Christmas in Naples is an occasion not to be missed. The Neapolitan Christmas cribs are world famous.